Sacred Sites Series: The St Columba Life Purpose Meditation

Experience this sacred Scottish spiritual site, connect to the high vibrational power of ascended master St Columba, & fulfill your life purpose in joy!

"The weather, the location, the cave and you, Kelly, all made this meditation feel very special and spiritual! I am excited to see where this takes me! I'm very grateful to you as always!"

- Betsy Portela




> Are you in need of spiritual guidance and assistance from higher ascended beings?

> Do you feel uncertain of what your purpose actually is?

> Are you afraid to embrace your power, take the next step, or fulfill your purpose?

> Do you feel lost, unsure of what the next step is?



> Experience an ancient sacred spiritual site nestled in the Scottish highlands

> Receive advanced level energy healing directly from an ascended master, dedicated to assisting you in following your bliss and fulfilling your life purpose

> Be spiritually guided by St Columba in signs, synchronicites and messages (whether you know him or not)

> Unearth and acknowledge your creative gifts and talents

> Listen to and follow your inner calling, leading to your soul mission and greatest joy!

If YES, read on...


This guided meditation will help you to:

> Experience this powerful & potent energy point in the stunning Scottish highlands (from the comfort of your own home)

> Connect to the ascended master St Columba & invoke his help & guidance

> Shore up the strength & bravery required to move forward no matter what (just like he did)

> See past blocks, obstacles and earthly illusions

> Express your creative skills & talents

> Follow your bliss & fulfill your purpose in JOY

'The St Columba Life Purpose Meditation' does all the hard work for you, putting you in direct connection with him without the need or expense of travelling to this site.

Its not necessary to know or have heard of St Columba before in order to gain massive benefits and healing shifts - he is dedicated to helping YOU fulfill your soul purpose!

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"It’s like I was sitting in that cave by a fireplace and a man was sitting almost across to me. It’s like I could see up and see the inside of the cave and the height of the entrance. Beautiful and peaceful place ❤️.

Thanks again, Kelly for your very helpful work 💝🙋🏻‍♀️"

- Ane Mette Anderson


Who Is Saint Columba?

St Columba is an Irish monk and light worker who fought against the odds back in the mid 500's, and followed his divine calling to bring love and light to Britain (which at the time was terribly dark energetically) no matter the cost. You can draw on his unwavering strength and spiritual guidance to help you move forward - even if you've never heard of him.

What Is Saint Columba's Cave?

There is a spectacular ancient cave hidden in the stunning Scottish highlands where St Columba lived, prayed and meditated for a time on his light worker mission to bring Christianity to Britain. The cave is a sanctuary in itself, and features a sheltered lower level den where he mainly stayed and an incredible stone alter that still stands today with offerings of coins, candles, crystals and stones. The energetic frequency of this potent power point is astounding, and you can draw on this force and utilize it to propel you forward with this meditation.

Following My Spirit Guides' Intuitive Messages Led Me To The Next Step Of My Life Purpose (and YOU can too!)

A recent series of very synchronistic signs led me to St Columba's cave. I've had a sense for some time that my Guides were urging me to take the next step in my work - but what that was, I had no idea. I knew that it was vital for me to go within and connect with my Guides' divine providence, but in order to do that, I had to go somewhere quiet where I could tune into these energies uncluttered by modern lifes obligations and demands, and so my partner and I retreated to the beauty and tranquility of the Scottish highlands for a relaxing rural break among the grounding elements of nature, which are so pure and undisturbed there.

Once there, I was guided to the magical cave where St Columba himself had lived, and my Guides wasted no time in showing me that working with ascended masters in higher realms from sacred energy sites across Britain and channeling their healing and assistance to you was the next vital step in my work.

The Fulfillment Of Your Life Purpose Is VITAL - You ARE Supported!

Your success is paramount to the collective commitment to raise the vibration of Gaia and uplift the energy of humanity, and the Guides are recruiting help and involvement from the ascended masters - light workers who successfully blazed the trail before us to clear blocks and struggle - and give us their much needed strength, support, healing and activations in order to complete the task (while following our bliss and experiencing our greatest joy too!) This meditation is the very first installment of that.

It is the most profound and impacting energy healing meditation we have created to date and my guides inform me that it is the next advanced, higher vibrational level & frequency that we will be working with and providing in order to further assist light workers in their ascension and the fulfillment of their important life missions.


"You are the most talented healer that I have ever worked with!"

- Cristin McDonnell

How Can St Columba Help You In Your Life Purpose?

This powerful saint will help you to access your creative skills and talents, develop the confidence to share them, shore up your strength and bravery in following your soul's call and listening to your inner voice and actively lead you further along your path with guidance. He will support you in stepping into your FULL power as a divine light worker - whether you know or have heard of him or not!

When you invoke him with this advanced level energy healing, you are allowing him to assist you in successfully fulfilling your purpose, as he did, and he will go to great lengths to continue his mission of spreading divine love and light by helping you with yours.



Our Collective Mission As Light Workers Incarnated Here On Earth

It was made clear that there is a collective mission that all light workers have committed to, to uplift the Earth and humanity by channeling divine love and light, and that by actively tuning in to fellow members of this quest who have come before us and successfully fulfilled their life purpose, we will be energetically aided and supported by them in furthering this cause. This will come in the form of soul-level energy healing, activations and adjustments that we need in order to fully heal, be energetically prepared and be equipped with all necessary ascension templates and free of any limiting obstacles and blocks that restrict us in moving forward.

Powerful Healing Energy For All Of Us

Within mere moments, I could sense St Columba's presence, and potent healing energy, guidance and information began to pour through which I channeled and captured on the video. I could feel the support that is there for all of us on the awakening pathway, and especially those of us looking to discover, align with or fulfill our life purpose. Messages came forth affirming that St Columba will assist YOU on YOUR life path and spiritual progression too, and you can connect with him, receive these downloads and energetic shifts and healing in the meditation, captured live in the cave and channeled directly from St Columba himself.

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What Does 'Life Purpose' Really Mean?

Your life purpose is the spiritual mission you came here to complete.

Its the promise you made when you saw the suffering here and felt the need to help. Many of us are spiritually awakening with recollections that due to the destructive nature of the Earth and the conflict and violence created here, there were fears in higher realms that it would not be successful in shifting into the next higher vibration, and that the inhabitants were suffering needlessly in pain.

As a result, many light workers have volunteered to incarnate here with a specific drive or purpose (whether we consciously remember this commitment or not) to serve this cause, yet struggle to align with it, find it or fulfill it.

This meditation will help you to do that now, and create a connection with St Columba to support you throughout your ENTIRE journey in seeking, implementing and fulfilling your life purpose.



> An energy healing session channeled directly from the ascended master St Columba himself, recorded in a cave he meditated and lived in, on his soul purpose to bring light to Britain.

> Think of it like a cross between an intuitive energy healing session and a relaxing guided meditation.

> A pre-recorded video full of advanced level healing, clearing and energetic adjustments.

> A calm and relaxing meditation that is completed (regardless of distance or time) in under 20 minutes.


"I love your meditations, they are deceptively powerful. I’m going to continue to use this."

- Judy Hacking, Wales UK

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"I'm starting to get excited to step into my power instead of that fear that was blocking me. I'M SO GRATEFUL!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

- Christiana Williams



> You can complete the meditation from the comfort of your own home.

> You have lifetime access, so you can repeat the meditation for additional healing as often as you like for as long as you want, without costly repeated visits to healers.

> The meditation can be accessed whenever you like, across any and all devices you own, (as long as you have an internet connection).


"I don't have anything but wonderful things to say. Your calm, understanding voice (even on youtube) is comforting and makes me feel less alone on this wild journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Heidi Mae

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  Sacred Sites Series: The St Columba Meditation
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Kelly Ashley - Sacred Sites Series
Kelly Ashley - Sacred Sites Series

I'm Kelly, and I help and spiritual people like you who are going through the ascension process to successfully awaken, heal your soul and guide you in moving through the challenges more easily through energy healing meditations, spiritual courses and self-help resources.

Recently I was told by my spirit guides that we would be taking the next step in supporting light workers like you in your awakening process. They have been connecting me with ascended masters in higher realms from sacred energy sites across Britain so that I can channel their healing and assistance, to give you the much needed energetic support and guidance that light workers need to help you continue in your vital mission.

It was made clear that there is a collective mission that all light workers have committed to, to uplift the Earth and humanity by channeling divine love and light, and that by actively tuning in to fellow members of this quest who have come before us and successfully fulfilled their life purpose, we will be energetically aided and supported by them in furthering this cause.

This will come in the form of very advanced soul-level energy healing, activations and adjustments that we need in order to fully heal, be energetically prepared and be equipped with all necessary ascension templates and free of any limiting obstacles and blocks that restrict us in moving forward.

Let's get started!


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"I want to thank you and let you know how much your work has helped me. I don't know if I would have made it through the last 5 or 6 weeks if I hadn't found your meditations. There was so much synchronicity it was amazing. Plus your beautiful Scottish accent is lovely and uplifting to listen to and makes me smile when I hear it."

- Mary D, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the healing session?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to this healing session for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the healing session?
I am confident that this energy will bring you much peace and healing, just as it has me, but I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 7 days and I'll will give you a full refund.
Meditation and energy healing always makes me feel worse. Is this safe?
This energy healing is entirely safe during spiritual awakening. Most meditations or energetic healings are too charging and stimulating during awakening, but rest assured that this healing is destined to come to you and will cause you no harm. It has been specifically and divinely devised to SUPPORT and honour the awakening process.
How often do I need to do the healing session?
It only takes once in order for you to receive the energetic changes that the session will bring, but you may wish to repeat it in order to continue healing more deeply. The more you repeat it, the more deeply it can access and release soul level blocks and continue to move down the layers. You are welcome to repeat it as many times as you like (monthly, weekly or even daily if you choose), but avoid doing it more than once a day so that you don't become ungrounded.
What is it you are channeling?
This is the MOST profound and powerful energy I have worked with to date. In this meditation I am channeling the energy of ascended master St Columba, allowing you to connect with him and transmitting the healing benefits and energetic shifts he wishes to grant you in order to assist the fulfillment of your life purpose and soul mission for our most epic energy healing mediation yet.
How long is the energy healing?
This session takes around 20 minutes to complete all of the clearing and healing.
Can I do only this energy healing session, or will I need future ones as well?
If one is all you ever feel drawn to do, that's fine, and you'll still gain massive benefits from having connected with the energy and being adjusted by it. If any future ones are meant for, or needed by you on a soul level, you'll know. You'll feel a resonance and a draw to the ones you need.
Is this a 1 to 1 therapy session?
No, this is a recorded video of energetic healing guided by Creator and our collective Guides to assist us in healing and moving forward in our awakenings. The distance and the fact that it is pre-recorded makes no difference to the assimilation of the healing - our testimonials are proof of that! The healing intent is created when I channel and by watching, you open yourself to receive the changes that the Guides will make.
I don't know who St Columba is, can he still help me?
Of course! St Columba (or any ascended master) will show up in life when you are looking for guidance, healing or direction. If you have found this meditation, it is likely that St Columba has already heard your call for help or answers, and is assisting you through these energetic shifts. It is not necessary to know or have heard of St Columba (or to follow any particular faith or belief system) in order to gain help from him. He is eager to assist you!
What makes these sacred site meditations different from the usual ones?
In these energy healing meditations I am following my Guides in leading me to sacred energetic sites across Britain, and allowing them to facilitate a transference of healing energy and powerful shifts from the ascended master linked to that place. My Guides are working tirelessly to connect us to ascended beings who can help us all fulfill our collective mission of uplifting Gaia and assisting humanity.

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